Selected Clients


Techno Ponies built a system that enabled ABSA to retrieve bank statements from non-ABSA clients for the purpose of screening them for credit worthiness and personal loan eligibility. The system was intended to form part of ABSA’s new open API platform and play a key role in enabling ABSA’s SME partners.


Techno Ponies built a payment processing system for GloBee, essentially like Payfast with a crypto feature that allowed merchants to accept various cryptocurrencies as payment in their online stores. We integrated the system into multiple popular e-commerce platforms, as well as built a POS system for physical stores. Techno Ponies was also requested to build a credit card acceptance service to provide their merchants with a complete end-to-end solution.


Hello Computer hired Techno Ponies to do a software quality assurance audit on Toyota’s new multi-million Rand platform redesign. As part of the audit we analysed security vulnerabilities, adherence to best practices, provided advice on how to refactor in order to maintain the system, and made recommendations on how to implement a full formal test strategy encompassing automated, as well as user testing, which over the lifespan of the project would save them millions of Rands on unnecessary, fallible manual human testing costs.

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